Will there be on-site photographers?

Yes, please be aware we do have several photographers o site taking pictures, so don’t be surprised if your picture pops up on our website or in a magazine!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes!  Dogs are welcome at Dubs of Anarchy.  However, in the interests of public safety and hygiene please ensure that your dog is well controlled, on a leash at all times, and that you pick up any poo!

We will also have a doggie show on Saturday!

Can I bring alcohol to the event?

Yes!  You may bring your own alcohol to the event so long as it is in it’s original non-glass container ie. in a clearly marked can or plastic bottle.

Is there space for an awning?

Yes of course, just please park sensibly.

Can bikes and VW’s park together?

Yes, not a problem as we understand that groups will have a mix of both!

Is there water on site?

Yes, we have a water supply by the shower (halfway down the road on the left) and one at the bottom of the road on the left (just before the haulage yard)

Is there showers?

Sadly not!

Can I bring any other pets?

Yes within reason.

We have a regular visiting tortoise, we have had a pet cat and known to have some baby parrots.

Please not deadly animals such as snakes, spiders and scorpions!

Can I bring weed, herb, smoke?

Please refrain from bringing any drugs, this is a friendly family site and drugs are illegal guys 😉

Is there medics and security on site?

Yes, We have both 24 hours a day.

Medics are available 24 hours a day by the main entrance!

Security is Cotswold Security and Lead names are James and Vince!

Are glass bottles allowed on site?

Ideally No! Lots of kids, animals and people without footwear on!

What time do the gates open?

The gates are open from Midday on Friday

The gates open at 8 am Saturday and Sunday and stay open until after the last band (around Midnight)

You can gain access until 10pm (if you have been caught in traffic please explain to the gate staff and I am sure they will let you in.)

Whats the fancy dress?

Back to School!!

Hated school? be a rebel?

Miss your uniform – show us what you got 😉

Are firepits allowed?

Yes, but please please please raise them off the floor and protect the grass as we get heavily fined for the grass damage resulting in the charity getting less support!!

Must be on a fire blanket, a patio slab or similar.

When is Show n Shine?

Saturday 21st September 2019!

Make sure your in the main arena for no later than midday!

Forms available at the front gate!

We have LOTS of categories this year!

Do you have a privacy Policy?

Yes, we sure do.

Its here: http://dubsofanarchy.co.uk/privacy-policy/